Water-oil repellent solution, stain resistant for porous materials

Cod: CSX.0358

Componente: 1

Aspect: Lichid

Water- and oil-repellent product that is stain-resistant and has a low environmental impact, being particularly suited to treating absorbent and porous materials. The active substance penetrates the absorbent mineral substrate via capillary impregnation, safeguarding the original appearance whilst protecting the treated material from saline efflorescence, oil, fats and aqueous solutions without altering the colour, varying the water vapour permeability or resulting in shiny or tacky surfaces. Product compliant with FDA guidelines on food contact.

Linee di appartenenza

Certificǎri obținute şi Dispoziții


Caracteristici generale


Conservare: 12 luni


Fără solvenţi




Utilizaţi produsul cu mănuşi de protecţie


Utilizaţi produsul cu ochelari de protecţie

Specificații tehnice


5 ± 1 _

Produs care nu crează peliculă

Substanţă inodoră

Culori disponibile

- Culoare transparentă galben deschis

Ambalaje şi dimensiuni

- Canistră 5 kg

- Canistră 25 kg


From 0.15 to 0.25 kg of CONSILEX NO-STAIN WV per square metre of surface to be treated, depending on the porosity of the substrate.

Domenii de utilizare

A treatment that is impregnating, water- and oil-repellent, stain-resistant, non-film and colourless for absorbent porous materials.

Pregǎtirea suporturilor

It is recommended that surfaces be treated prior to remove soluble salts and dirt, along with parts with poor surface adhesion. Cracks greater than 0.3 mm must always been filled. Apply to dry surfaces. In the event of rain or surface washing, wait 3 days at a temperature of at least 20° C prior to treatment.

Mod de utilizare

CONSILEX NO-STAIN WV solutions are applied by brush or sprayed at low pressure, directly onto the suitably-prepared surfaces to be treated. Due to the heterogeneity of the surfaces that can be treated with CONSILEX NO-STAIN WV, it is recommended that preliminary tests be carried out on the media to verify the concentration, the required amount of diluted product to be utilised and any colour variations caused by prior treatments.

Metode de aplicare

- Impregnare

- Pulverizator airless la presiune redusă

- Panou

- Stropire

Curǎțarea instrumentelor

- Apă

Suporturi permise

- Tuf

- Pietre naturale şi porfir

- Cărămizi

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