Water-repellent additive for concretes, plasters and mortars

Cod: ADX.0294

Componente: 1

Aspect: Lichid

FLUID HYDRO is a special aqueous emulsion additivated with white water-repellent products consisting of active components with an alkyl-silane base. The main characteristic is the property of reducing water permeability in concretes, plasters and mortars both due to the capillarity and lashings of water.

Linee di appartenenza

Caracteristici generale


Temperatura de utilizare: +5 / +35 °C


Fără solvenţi




Greutate specifică: 0.94 kg/dm³


Conservare: 12 luni

Specificații tehnice


6 - 8 _

Substanță activă

50 %

Culori disponibile

- Alb

Ambalaje şi dimensiuni

- Canistră 10 kg

- Canistră 25 kg


FLUID HYDRO exerts a water-repellent action as the water-repellent particles disperse evenly during the mixing phase of the conglomerate. The action of FLUID HYDRO is not affected over time given that the individual particles are insoluble in water and durable in aggressive environments (alkaline, sulphatic water, chlorinated water).


From 0.1 to 1.0 kilogram of FLUID HYDRO every 100 kilograms of hydraulic binder present in the mixture (cement and/or hydraulic lime); an average of 350–500 grams to achieve good water repellency.
Dilute 1:10 with water for use as a surface treatment of porous supports. The dosage varies according to the porosity of the substrate. The solution must be applied in 2 - 3 "coats" to obtain the best effect.

Domenii de utilizare

FLUID HYDRO is recommended in the production of concrete and mortar to reduce water permeability. In plasters or mortars, it is mainly used for outdoor purposes as it greatly reduces the phenomenon of efflorescence and the biological proliferation of mould and moss.

Mod de utilizare

FLUID HYDRO is suitable for all types of concretes, plasters and mortars, used individually or in combination with other Azichem products, to be added separately. Dispersing the product in the water of the mixture before going into the mixer is recommended. FLUID HYDRO is dosed at about 0.5% of the weight of the binder. In any case, it is advisable to create test mixtures to establish the ideal FLUID HYDRO dosage. FLUID HYDRO should be stored at temperatures above 5° C and mixed before use. Given the water-repellent characteristics conferred to the mass of the mixture, it is not recommended to use for prestressed works.

Metode de aplicare

- Adăugare la alţi componenţi

Curǎțarea instrumentelor

- Apă

Suporturi permise

- Beton

- Mortare cimentoase din var si mixte

- Tencuieli

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