Transparent water based non-film waterproofing for terraces and balconies

Cod: CSX.0370

Componente: 1

Aspect: Lichid

A solution based on special silane and siloxane resins in aqueous dispersion, being highly penetrating and transparent (colourless) for quickly, effectively and economically waterproof balconies, tiled terraces, concrete roofing, external stairs, and so on, without removing or impacting upon on the existing flooring. It does not change the appearance of the substrate on which it is applied nor alter its original degree of lubricity or breathability to water vapour. Application is swift, without requiring specialised labour or professional equipment. The treated flooring will be usable only 2 hours after application.

Linee di appartenenza

Caracteristici generale


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Conservare: 12 luni

Specificații tehnice

Punct de aprindere

> 95 °C

Substanţă inodoră


6.5 _

Produs care nu crează peliculă

Culori disponibile

- Transparent

Ambalaje şi dimensiuni

- Canistră 2 kg

- Canistră 25 kg

- Canistră 5 kg

- Sticlă 1 kg


Applying PROTECH BALCONY WV is quick and easy – simply use a brush on clean and dry surfaces to resolve any seepage problems. The active substance penetrates quickly and deeply into the grouting, any cracks and porous points of the substrate. Upon contact with air, it causes a polymerisation reaction that perfectly and deeply seals and waterproofs every imperfection it encounters. The specific reactive polymerised siloxane molecule is stable over time and does not labilise. In accordance with the data sheet, the effectiveness of the product applied is normally more than 10 years on surfaces not subject to dynamic movements or structural and/or seismic damage. Should any new gaps or cracks appear after the first application of PROTECH BALCONY WV, they can be easily resolved with a second application of the product. Given its intrinsically non-film nature, the product does not suffer damage, tear, crack, detach, deteriorate nor will it yellow over time due to the effects of UV rays (as naturally happens with epoxy and/or polyurethane treatments). The grouting treated with PROTECH BALCONY WV is protected from mould, moss, lichen and other biodeterioration organisms.


Approximately 0.15 kilograms of PROTECH BALCONY WV per square metre of surface to be treated – consumption may vary depending on the porosity of the substrate.

Domenii de utilizare

Rapid waterproofing of balconies, terraces, stairs, tiled surfaces, concrete and natural stone products, without having to demolish the existing flooring. It can also be used on vertical surfaces particularly exposed to weather and atmospheric conditions (tiles, plaster, exposed brick, etc.).

Pregǎtirea suporturilor

The surfaces on which it is applied must be clean, free of stains, loose and crumbly parts, dust, and so on. If there are any joints between the tiles, they must be properly treated with a suitable acidic or alkaline detergent. To this end, we recommend the specific acid detergent DETERG-A, diluted with water at a ratio of 1:4. Rinse off the treated surfaces with running water. Any fragile and crumbly joints that have been removed, must be restored with cementitious putty offering high adhesion and deformability. To this end, we recommend using the specific waterproof and deformable two-component putty STUCCO BALCONY. Allow for the necessary time to pass (1–2 days) to allow the grouting to dry before applying PROTECH BALCONY WV. The expansion joints that may be present, including those relative to the line connecting the tiled paving and the outer edge beam (normally made of granite or natural stone), will normally have to be sealed with high-elasticity polymeric materials. To this end, we recommend sealing with PROTECH FLEX, supported by the installation of FILTENE FONDOGIUNTO and the particular polyurethane PROTECH FLEX PRIMER.

Mod de utilizare

Pour small amounts of the product at a time then spread evenly across the entire surface with a rubberised brush or rubber blade until the substrate is complete impregnated with the waterproofing. Using a long bristle brush or sponge, apply PROTECH BALCONY WV with particular care in the less accessible and most challenging areas (edges, skirting boards, corners, thresholds, hatches, fireplaces, drains, etc.). Allow the product to penetrate for at least 60 minutes. Remove excess product from all treated surfaces using a cloth wet with water. The average product consumption is around 0.15 kilograms/square metre of surface to be waterproofed, varying depending on the absorption of the substrate and the size of any joints. Normally, 1 kilogram of PROTECH BALCONY WV is enough to treat surfaces from 5 to 10 square metres.

Metode de aplicare

- Impregnare

- Panou

- Pulverizator airless la presiune redusă

Curǎțarea instrumentelor

- Apă

Suporturi permise

- Beton

- Cărămizi

- Mortare cimentoase din var si mixte

- Pietre naturale şi porfir

- Tencuieli

- Ţigle şi plăci (gresie, faianţă)

- Tuf

- Ziduri din piatră

- Ziduri mixte

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