Thixotropic, rheoplastic, structural, fiber-reinforced cement mortar

Cod: REP.0268

Componente: 1

Aspect: Praf

A structural and shrinkage-compensated thixotropic cementitious mortar with a maximum aggregate grain size of 0.6 mm, consisting of high-strength cements, super-pozzolanic fillers, stabilising additives and high-tenacity polypropylene microfibres. The fine grain size and exceptional workability of the mortar render REPAR TIX FINE particularly suited to cortical restorations of structures (with the maximum thickness of the single coat being 20 mm) on reinforced concrete and masonry works, for the restoration of concrete requiring an excellent level of surface finishing, operations on the intrados of slabs, even in environments with aggressive exposure (marine, industrial). Manual or spray application with wet curing for the first 48–72 hours.

Linee di appartenenza

Certificǎri obținute şi Dispoziții

Produse și sisteme pentru protecția și repararea structurilor din beton - Reparații structurale și nestructurale (clasa R4)

EN 1504-3

Produse și sisteme pentru protecția și repararea structurilor din beton - Reparații structurale și nestructurale (clasa R4)

Caracteristici generale


Rezistent la razele UV


Diametrul maxim al agregatului: 0.5 mm


Grosimea minimă recomandată: 2 mm


Conservare: 12 luni


Pot life: 60 min


Grosimea maximă recomandată: 20 mm




Utilizaţi produsul cu mănuşi de protecţie


Temperatura de utilizare: +5 / +35 °C


Amestecaţi cu apă: 18-19 %

Specificații tehnice


2090 kg/m³

Forţa de aderenţă

> 2 N/mm²

Absorbție capilară

0.50 kg•h^0.5/m²

Impermeabilitate Darcy

1 x 10 E-10 cm/s


> 12.5 _

Determinarea compatibilităţii termice

2 MPa

Conţinut de cloruri

<0.01 %

Modul elastic static

> 20000 N/mm²

Rezistenţa la comprimare

> 50 N/mm²

Reacție la foc

A1 _

Rezistenţa la carbonatare

2.5 mm

Raport apă/lianţi

0.39 _

Rezistenţa la flexiune

> 6 N/mm²

Culori disponibile

- Gri

Ambalaje şi dimensiuni

- Paletă: 50 x (Sac 25 kg)

- Sac 25 kg


The fine grain size of the premix (maximum grain 0.5 mm) allows a very accurate level of finish and surface smoothing. The structural thixotropic mortar REPAR TIX FINE can be advantageously added with 0.25% of FLUID SRA, a special additive capable of reducing both plastic shrinkage and hydraulic shrinkage. FLUID SRA in fact protects the curing of the mortar and, when mixed with REPAR TIX FINE, it can be considered a technologically advanced system capable of reducing the rapid evaporation of water from the mortar and promoting the development of hydration reactions. FLUID SRA, thanks to the interaction with some components of the cement, allows to obtain final shrinkage from 20 to 50% lower than the standard values of the REPAR TIX prepared with the addition of water alone.


Approximately 18 kg / m² of REPAR TIX FINE for each centimeter of thickness to be created (approximately 1800 kg for each cubic meter).

Domenii de utilizare

Structural smoothing. Restoration, repairs, reconstruction of the concrete cover, construction of reliable and durable coatings of building, civil, hydraulic, industrial, concrete and masonry works.

Pregǎtirea suporturilor

The application surfaces must be clean, free of dirt, crumbly and incoherent parts, dust, etc., saturated with "saturated dry surface" water. Adequate roughening of the surfaces by scarifying, sandblasting etc. is always necessary in order to obtain the maximum adhesion values to the substrate. The optimal values are obtained with high pressure hydro-scarification. Bare the irons undergoing disruptive oxidation or deeply oxidized, removing the rust of the exposed irons (by sandblasting or abrasive brushes). Before restoring them, it is recommended to apply the consolidating re-alkalizing CONSILEX SAN on exposed surfaces.

Mod de utilizare

Pour 2/3 of the total mixing water into the mixer (about 2.5 liters per bag), gradually add the product and the remaining water, until a homogeneous mixture of the desired consistency and free of lumps is obtained. Take care of the protection and the damp curing of the exposed surfaces.

The addition of BOND HG to the mixing water (in the ratio of about 0.5-0.7 kg per bag of product) allows significant improvements in terms of adhesiveness, adhesion, impermeability, workability, moldability and deformation capacity .
High coating thicknesses, static requirements, monolithic requirements, etc. they may make it necessary to use suitable reinforcements (electro-welded meshes, etc.) anchored to the substrate with SYNTECH PROFIX, SYNTECH FIX EP or GROUT CABLE.

Metode de aplicare

- Drişcă

- Maşină de stropire/pulverizare a tencuielii

- Maşină de tencuit

- Mistrie

- Spatulă

Curǎțarea instrumentelor

- Apă

Suporturi permise

- Beton

- Cărămizi

- Pereţi stâncoşi

- Prefabricaţi

- Ziduri din piatră

- Ziduri mixte

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