Specific fixative for the permanent encapsulation of asbestos panels

Cod: PRT.0388

Componente: 1

Aspect: Lichid

One-component coating based on acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion for permanent encapsulation of type A (visible outside), B (visible inside) and C (not visible, before confinement) of asbestos sheets , certified in accordance with the DM August 20, 1999. ELASTOCAP-ABC is characterized by high flexibility, resistance to yellowing, adhesion and creates a waterproof and crack-resistant membrane.

Cod vamal
3209 1000

Linee di appartenenza

Certificǎri obținute şi Dispoziții

Acoperiri de încapsulare pentru foi de azbest-ciment - cicluri de încapsulare de tip A, B, C și D

UNI 10686:1998 - D.M. 20/08/1999

Acoperiri de încapsulare pentru foi de azbest-ciment - cicluri de încapsulare de tip A, B, C și D

Caracteristici generale


Aplicaţi două straturi


Greutate specifică: 1.25 - 1.30 kg/l


Consumuri: 600-650 g/m²


Utilizaţi produsul cu mănuşi de protecţie


Grosimea minimă recomandată: 300 μm


Conservare: 12 luni


Utilizaţi produsul cu ochelari de protecţie


Temperatura de utilizare: +5 / +40 °C


Fără solvenţi


Rezistent la razele UV

Specificații tehnice

Aderența după ciclurile de îngheț-dezgheț

1.3 MPa

Intervalul de timp inainte de aplicarea următorului strat

12 - 24 h

Întărire completă

7 zi

Aderența după ciclurile de soare-ploaie

1.32 MPa

Rezistenţa la foc


Reziduu sec

57 - 60.7 %

Rezistență la spălare

> 5000 cicluri

Aderență la suport

1.34 N/mm²


7.5 _

Culori disponibile

- Alb

- Gri

- Roșu

Ambalaje şi dimensiuni

- Bidon 1000 kg

- Găleată 20 kg


ELASTOCAP-ABC is a product certified as being suitable for inertising Type A, Type B and Type C asbestos cement products.


A minimum 0.60 kilograms of ELASTOCAP-ABC per square metre of surface is to be applied in two coats.

Domenii de utilizare

For visible or invisible permanent encapsulation of flat and corrugated roofing sheets and coverings containing asbestos fibres subject to degradation.

Pregǎtirea suporturilor

If the surface is intact and only partially affected by the presence of mould and vegetation, it must be adequately suctioned using specific equipment, wet cleaned and treated with biocidal products to prevent dispersing the fibres into the environment and to permit the reclamation of the water used for washing. If the surface is particularly damaged or covered with mould and vegetation, it is necessary to inform the competent Local Health Authority by submitting an appropriate intervention plan. Cleaning in any case must be carried out with low-pressure water that is to be recovered in special containers for the subsequent disposal of the sediments. Any detached parts and waste are to be properly disposed of as asbestos waste. Always operate in compliance with current regulations on asbestos reclamation, occupational safety and environmental pollution. Apply a coat of BOND PLUS for the impregnation of the substrate and the incorporation of asbestos fibres, preventing any dispersions in the environment. The use of primer also favours the adhesion of the encapsulating coating, to be applied after the primer has dried (about 30–40 minutes depending on the temperature). BOND PLUS can be applied by spray (airless) with a consumption of about 100-300 grams/m2, depending on the degree of absorption of the substrate.

Mod de utilizare

Spray ELASTOCAP-ABC onto clean and dry surfaces (at a pressure of 200–210 bar) once the BOND PLUS is completely dry. The product can be diluted with 15% water to facilitate application.
For TYPE A and B ENCAPSULATION COATINGS, application requires a minimum of two coats in different contrasting colours, waiting approximately 12–24 hours before the application of the next layer, in accordance with environmental conditions.
A single coat of ELASTOCAP-ABC is sufficient for NON-VISIBLE TYPE C COATINGS. The average and total minimum thicknesses required by current standards vary depending on the type of coating (see the table). The appearance of the underlying layer of cladding caused by environmental conditions and wear indicates a need to work on the surface once more to restore the encapsulant coating.

Metode de aplicare

- Stropire

Curǎțarea instrumentelor

- Apă

Suporturi permise

- Fibrociment

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