Flexible two-component solvent-based polyurethane coating

Cod: SYN.0031

Componente: 2

Aspect: Lichid

SYNTECH FLEXIPUR is a two-component aliphatic elastic polyurethane resin in the solvent phase, with excellent characteristics of chemical resistance and flexibility, ideal for the protective finish of both new and restored reinforced concrete structures. SYNTECH FLEXIPUR is applied by roller or spray (airless) creating a film-forming coating with high protective capacity and resistance to cracking (crack bridging ability).

Linee di appartenenza

Certificǎri obținute şi Dispoziții

Sisteme de protecţie a suprafeţei din beton

EN 1504-2

Sisteme de protecţie a suprafeţei din beton

Caracteristici generale


Aplicaţi două straturi


Conservare: 12 luni


Pot life: 60 min


Produs pe bază de solvenţi


Raport de amestec: 3:1 _


Rezistent la razele UV


Temperatura de utilizare: +10 / +35 °C


Utilizaţi produsul cu mănuşi de protecţie


Utilizaţi produsul cu ochelari de protecţie

Specificații tehnice

0.3 mm

~ 1.5 kg/l

Aderența la beton (tractiune directa)

4.5 MPa

Coeficient de permeabilitate


Compatibilitatea termică

4.5 MPa

Intervalul de timp inainte de aplicarea următorului strat

max 24 h

Permeabilitate la CO2

> 260 m

Permeabilitate la vaporii de apă

1.7 m

Reacție la foc

Euroclass E _

Reziduu sec

67 %

Culori disponibile

- Gri

- Alb

Ambalaje şi dimensiuni

- Găleată 7.5 kg [A]

- Găleată 2.5 kg [B]

- Kit: 1 Găleată 7.5 kg [A] + 1 Găleată 2.5 kg [B]


Approximately 80-120 g / m2 of SYNTECH FLEXIPUR for each coat (apply two coats).

Domenii de utilizare

SYNTECH FLEXIPUR is ideal for creating the surface protection of both new and existing reinforced concrete structures; The final protective treatment of coatings for commercial activities, offices, hospitals and public environments in general; It can be used for UV protection of solvent-free polymeric elastic sheaths.

Mod de utilizare

Mix the two components in their respective packaging. Then pour component B into the container of component A. Mix everything for 3-4 minutes using a low-speed mechanical stirrer until a homogeneous and lump-free mixture is obtained. Mix the dough again for a few minutes to mix the mixture. Apply the product within 60 minutes.
SYNTECH FLEXIPUR can be applied by roller or spray (airless). With manual roller application it is advisable to foresee 2 successive coats, spaced out by a minimum time of 5 hours (20 ° C and 65% R.H.). In the case of spray application (airless) it is possible to apply the recommended thickness of 200-300 dry microns in a single coat. The product must be applied at temperatures between +10 and + 35 ° C; optimal density and workability are obtained at a temperature of + 20 ° C.

Metode de aplicare

- Panou

- Rulou

- Stropire

Curǎțarea instrumentelor

- Diluant Nitro

Suporturi permise

- Beton

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